Consumer Class Action - Honik LLC
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Consumer Class Action

People frequently purchase products or services which, unfortunately, turn out not to be what they were represented to be. And when aggrieved persons contact the manufacturer or seller, sometimes they will not do the right thing and make it right, leaving the consumer with no practical recourse. 


This is where class actions come in. In a class action lawsuit, a small number of plaintiffs represent a larger group of individuals who have similar claims, combining what may have been thousands of lawsuits into a single legal action. The law allows this to ensure individual consumers can band together to level the playing field against large companies with enormous financial and legal resources.


Honik LLC’s lawyers have successfully represented clients from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the country for decades in class actions involving a wide variety of products or services. These range from deceptive banking and credit card practices, to adulterated or misbranded drugs and other products, to faulty online or other services.