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Driver Behavior Tracking Help

Breaking News: Car Makers, Data Brokers, and Auto Insurers Using Drivers’ Data

Did you know that a number of car makers, data brokers, and auto insurers are secretly recording your data when you drive certain cars? Then they sell that data to auto insurers, which may result in higher quotes or premiums for auto insurers.

Join the Fight for Your Rights

If you own or lease a car made by one of these manufacturers, you may be entitled to join a class action lawsuit:

  • General Motors / Chevrolet / Buick
  • Kia
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • And Potentially Others

Don’t let deceptive practices go unchecked. Take action now to protect your rights and the rights of others who have been affected.

Free Confidential Case Assessment

Finding out if you are eligible for compensation is 100% free and fast.

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